Is there a Font Generator App that I can use?

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We do laser name cut outs, so I am looking for a App that I can pre-load my fonts that we use. The customer types in the name they want and then they select the font they like which gives them a preview of the name to be cut.

I have seen this on a number of Shopify sites but cant drill down on what to use. HELP APPRECIATED.

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Hi @coastlaserworks 

You can have a look at those apps, which allows you to create customizable products with font preview. 
Custom Product Builder
Zepto Product Personalizer

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@coastlaserworks There are several product personalization apps that can help you with this. Maybe you can try these out:

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Hi @coastlaserworks,

The Easify Product Options app is your ideal solution, offering the capability to create a text field for customers to input their desired name. Additionally, you can set up a font selection option and provide a live preview of the chosen font applied to the entered name 🤗. This ensures your customers can easily visualize how their laser-cut name will appear.

Here's a brief guide to help you get started:

  • Install the app and create an option set:



  • Add the Text Box option type to enable customers to enter their desired name.



  • Add the Font Picker option type. You can either pre-select fonts for customers to choose from or offer the freedom to explore all Google fonts. Don't forget to enable the font preview option and link it to the previous text box for seamless font preview.



  • After configuring your options, simply select the relevant products to apply them to, and you're all set!



For further clarity, we've included a similar demo featuring the text box and font picker below for your reference:

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