Is there a plug-in for a customer account profile page?

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We are looking for account profile page, where customers can upload a photo and a brief description about what they are all about! We would like this page to be password protected, and profiles visible to all that create an account. The ability for customers to message each other would be great too. Do they make a plug-in for this?

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Hi, @myshirtsnowl. 


Rio here from the Shopify Community team. 


To achieve this, you can use a combination of apps. Firstly, you can utilize the Customer Dashboard app or Customer Accounts Concierge to set up customer profiles. This app allows customers to create and manage their profiles, including uploading a photo and adding a description. It also provides a password-protected environment for customers to access their profiles.


To enable messaging between customers, you can consider using the Shopicial app. This app adds a social feature to your store, allowing customers to connect and communicate with each other.


By using these apps together, you can create a personalized account profile page with password protection and messaging capabilities.


To encourage more engagement and interaction among your customers, you can consider running contests or challenges that require them to update their profiles or connect with other customers. This can help foster a sense of community and drive more sales!

Rio | Shopify 
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Thanks! i checked out Customer Dashboard app or Customer Accounts Concierge,  but i didn't see where those apps allowed customers to upload a photo.  I also didn't see where the customers could make the profiles public on the site?

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Thanks guys for recommending our app Customer Accounts.


Our app has a plugin, Custom Forms, that will allow you to collect additional customer data like files or texts that you can pin to the Customers panel on Shopify as metafields.


But cannot do the second part, share this information across the site. We are not sure there would be an app solution for this either, perhaps it can be done by manually creating a page with the profiles' data, if customers have agreed to share it.

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