Is there a plugin that can import customer addresses via google map location

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Is there a plugin that can import addresses directly from Google Maps locations during customer checkout?

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Hi @EKKKO ! Yes there is now, you could try and install an app called Wayfinder.

The app allows you to embed a goole map on your site and obtain customer delivery locations and gps coordinates. 
1. Install the app and insert your Google Cloud API Key (Its free and easy to get one if you do not have one already)
2. You can place the Map on your store using the Theme Editor, I recommend using the Cart Page because it is the step prior to checkout.
3. If you want, you can have it required for your customer pin drop their location in order to proceed to checkout. Sadly, you cannot place the map on checkout because of shopify restrictions. 
4. You are all set, you can see the customer coordinates and location link in the order details in the admin once the purchase has been done. 
Feel free to try out, hope this helped. 

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I am using a app called Pobo. It has google maps feature where it uses Customers current location and pass it to checkout page. Customer support is very friendly and informative. At last i found what i was searching.