Is there a "Quote Request Form" Plugin for Shopify?

Is there a "Quote Request Form" Plugin for Shopify?

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Is there a plugin that let's customers add a bunch of products in a quote request and send to us?

I've seen a few plugins where instead of the "add to cart" button on a product there is a "quick quote request" form but I'm simply looking for a generic form that only lives on our "/quote-request" page where customers can enter in their information, search for products and add them to the request form before sending it.

The reason I'm asking is because I have a client that wants me to switch their site to shopify and they want the same functionality as this page:

Can anyone help me find the closest thing to this kindn of functionanlity?

Thanks in advance!



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Hello Caleb,

Yes, there are a number of them:

This one looks like the most popular, with 50 reviews and 4.8 stars:

I haven't tried it and I'm not the app developer. Good luck!


Todd - ShopClerk Order Tracking for Shopify -

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Thank you Todd, but it appears this and the other ones I have searched have the "quote request buttons directly on the product pages which I do not want. I simply want to direct "some" of my customers to a form that they can search for products to add to a quote request form. I'm not finding any quoting apps that let you create quotes directly in the form without having "quote" options on all my product pages.

It may be that I need to speak with a developer for this custom solution 😕 

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Hey @Caleb_Kingston, did you manage to get anywhere with this? I'm also looking for exactly what you described. A separate page purely for customers to request a Quote.


I am running a 3D Printing business, so ideally I would like customers to enter the "request a quote" page and then upload their 3D file/discuss a potential idea and request a quote.


I am also selling products so only really want this to be a seperate page distinguished from the Product gallery, as opposed to the "add to quote" option that seems to be what most Shopify Apps are currently offering.


Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hey @Caleb_Kingston@Jeremy_C,

I'm looking for the same solution. Did you happen to find a solution for a dedicated quote request page where customers can add specific products/variants and request a quote? 

Larry D.
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Hi Larry,

I'm Kwaku from Now In Store Inc. We develop productivity tools for Shopify. I don't know if you found a solution to your problem but if not, this is a feature that we are interested in developing to I would love to chat with you about it if you are interested.



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Hi there,

I'm also interested in this workflow and can't find a solution.

The workflow would be:

1. Customer goes to a form (ideally,

2. Customer adds products that they want to their quote (ideally, the pricing is displayed and updated as they build it)

3. Shipping is calculated if the customer adds shipping info. 

4. The customer can click a button to email or download the quote as a PDF

5. Nice to have: discount code support

If you're interested in building this, let me know how to contact you!


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Hi Caleb,

We're Architechpro – Shopify app developers. Feel free to share your idea at – we'll do our best to assist.

Shopify App Developers:

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W3 Trends offers a Quick Qoute app. The customer builds their cart like normal but instead of clicking the Check Out button in the cart, they click the Request A Quote button. They'll then be taken to a new page where they can see the products they added to the cart and be able to submit the quote with their information. The store can then edit the quote (change the products name, price & quantity, as well as add or remove products to the order) and send the quote back to the customer. The customer can then view the quote and accept it where they will be taken to the checkout page to complete their order.


Heres a demo of the app:

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Is there any "request a quote" app that offers quote request form aslo for product variants? I have checked all of them but they all offer this functionality for a main product only and not for one or two variants.

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@Robert_Slopko wrote:

Is there any "request a quote" app that offers quote request form aslo for product variants? I have checked all of them but they all offer this functionality for a main product only and not for one or two variants.

Hi there,

I'm owner of "Globo Request a Quote" app. The app has the feature that you are looking for.

Your customer can request for a quote by product variants. 

How does it work??

  1. Your customer select product variant on product details page. 
  2. Your customer click to "Request a quote" button. 


The selected variant is auto selected and add to "Request a quote" information.

Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or suggestions


Good luck 😉

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I am looking for an app that my team can raise a quote from shopify and send to customer rather than a customer requesting a quote. 


Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated. 





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Hi, I'm using this theme . Can you tell me if it is compatible with your app or if I need to do any coding customizations? thanks

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Megan - Does this app allow products to be individually tagged so that some products would require quote and others would process through cart as normal?  I guess, here is my question, if a customer picked an item that does not require a quote and put it in the cart, and then they also selected a product that does require a quote, what happens?


I would like to have a direct conversation about  this product and its capabilities.  Can you provide email or reach out to us?

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I am not passing judgement but want the community to have visibility as they work to make business decisions.  We have directly reached out to this developer as well as asking for information here.  We received an email 2 weeks ago stating that they would reach out to set up time to talk.  We have had no communication from this developer as of yet.  Customer service is a MAJOR factor in being successful and so far, it isn't appearing as though this is a priority for this developer.

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Providing additional follow up.  We were contacted by a representative and were able to have conversation regarding our questions and concerns with the app.  The rep did apologize for the extended delays in responding as there were some corporate activities where timing we not the most advantageous.


The rep was very delightful and very helpful.  Most of our questions and concerns were answered and we will most likely move forward by adding this app into our store process.  In short, my concerns were around having products that require quote and products that do not.  If a customer places some of each into a single cart, what does the checkout experience become for the customer and for us.  Through conversation, I believe the app can adequately manage this without making the process too cumbersome or difficult for the customer or us.

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Several Shopify apps offer quote request forms that capture customer information and product selections:

  • RFQ Request for Quote: This app provides a dedicated quote request form functionality:
    • Customizable Form: Create a form on your "/quote-request" page allowing customers to enter their information and search for products from your store.
    • Product Selection: Customers can easily add products to their quote request by searching and selecting them within the form.
    • Streamlined Workflow: Manage all quote requests efficiently within the app.
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