Is there a way to make a frontend that isn't connected to the store app interface?

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I'm trying to create an auction-hub of sorts, kind of like ebay but with each auctioneer able to have a small subset of auctionable items that they're managing, totally separate and invisible from the rest of the auctioneers on the site.


So I'm trying to make an unlisted app that will integrate into my store, but I want a frontend on the app that would allow third parties to manage their own auctions on my store. Create customer signup flow that would allow the managers to create a link and then from that link the customer would be tagged with that specific auction,  etc.


Is there a way to give my app the ability to have a react frontend to allow them to manage things that's accessible from just a normal web address and browser, without having to give each individual auctioneer access to my admin (yikes!)

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Hi @MaxProfit ,


This can be created via custom app, but we don't work on react.


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