Is there a way to speed up Review process in our Shopify App?

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We've made numerous submissions to Shopify for our shopify app, we've also addressed all of the feedback items specified by shopify. However, it still takes them 10-15 days to review our app. Is there a way to expedite this process? We can't really wait for this for too long...

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Hello @testfilee15,

This is Gina from flareAI app.

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to expedite the Shopify app review process. However, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of a faster review:

1. Ensure that your app submission meets all of Shopify's guidelines and requirements. Any errors or inconsistencies may lead to additional review time.

2. Clearly and thoroughly document your app's functionality, including any integrations or API calls. This can help the reviewer understand your app and reduce the amount of time they need to spend on testing and validation.

3. Follow up with Shopify's support team if you have not received any communication regarding your app's review status after a few days. This can help ensure that your submission is being actively reviewed and may prompt the review team to prioritize your submission.

4. Consider applying for the Shopify Partner Program. This can provide you with additional resources and support to help expedite the app review process.

Overall, it's important to remember that the Shopify app review process can take some time, especially if there are many submissions to review. While there's no guaranteed way to speed up the process, following best practices and staying in communication with Shopify's support team can help increase the chances of a faster review.


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