Is there an app for merging a bunch of products into variants of a single one?

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I'd prefer to upload my whole csv of SKUs, and then do the grouping on the site.

Is there a tool for this?



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Hey @newbie_01 

You can try using Matrixify app.  I found this article that might be helpful for you.

Let me know if it helps 🙂



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This is certainly interesting.

Just a few questions:

Does it handle/carryforward  inventory at several locations, product and variant metafields, fixed prices at secondary markets?

Does it assign one image to each variant?

Does it keep the same image filenames?

In the image duplication detection, can it identify the same photo at different resolutions? And keep the biggest one?

Can it apply the image duplication detection/cleanup to an existing product, without the merging part?

Can it also move an existing variant from one product to another?


Much appreciated!

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It all sounds very good. This functionality is certainly lacking in the app store.

Our setup is heavily dependent on metafields, so we'll wait until the next release before testing the app.


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I'm glad this sounds interesting to you. I will keep you updated regarding the metadata feature. 

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