Is there an app for setting unique accessory lists per product on the native page?

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Is there an app that lets you set a list of accessory items per each individual product that is built into the native Shopify product page? I know that may be a big ask, but I'm frustrated with the apps I've tried that involve having to go to the app's page to create that accessory list.


As context I sell cross stitch patterns. Each pattern has a unique set of items (threads, fabric, etc) that a customer would need to stitch the pattern up. I want to be able to list all of the threads, suggested fabrics, and so on on the product page, but I would love to be able to add those accessory products directly from the pattern's product page. It would make my life a lot easier.

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I've used that app before. It does the job, but you have to go to a separate page to add accessories to a product. I'm hoping to find an app that has the accessory choices built into the Shopify product page UI.

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We have a similar feature in our Bundles app that lets you add product add-ons or accessories, which sounds like it could be a good fit for what you're looking for. When selected, these items will be added to the cart alongside the primary product.


To provide you with a clearer understanding of how these features operate both within the admin panel and on your storefront, we have prepared a brief screencast.


Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't let us tweak the native Products UI in the admin panel directly, but our app integrates smoothly with Shopify's interface, thanks to Shopify Polaris. This means it'll feel pretty close to the Shopify experience you're used to.


If you've got any questions or need a hand getting this set up in your theme, just hit us up. We're here to help!