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Is there an APP/Plugin to create branded company storefronts

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I'd like to offer the same store (same products) to be logged in by different clients and upon their login, the store will have a simple branding (their company logo) plus the option to have different discounts or pricing (e.g. if company A logs in, they will always have a store wide 20% discount, when e.g. company B is logging in they have a store wide discount of 10% etc.) the idea is that every employee of those companies can log in using their company e-mail addresses and not only just 1 user (e.g. account manager) per company.


Is this possible to achieve without coding and just using apps or plugins?





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Hey Blue,


I actually ran into the same hurdle at a previous company I worked for, which ultimately drove them off of Shopify. It doesn't seem like there's an existing app on the marketplace for this. All in all (knowing what I know now), though, it seems like quite a straight-forward app to build (relatively).


Are you still exploring this / interested in it? I'm honestly looking for app ideas to build and this could be a good one. Happy to collaborate on your needs as well, let me know if you'd be interested!


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yes still looking for solutions. especially since I know shopify stores out there that have exactly that functionality and I doubt they did heavy custom build.