Is there an app that allows me to put an icon to download a PDF file in a page?

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I am looking to add a PDF file for people to download. Just a little icon on the page or a button. Ideally without the whole process of basket shopping as it will be free. 

By L&S Team
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Is there any solution to this?

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No that I have seen so far. 


There is an option to display a PDF file in a page which is actually quiet nice and I think people can also download from the viewer, scroll, page switch etc.


Ofc the icon in a page would be so much better for me as I could just place it where I need it rather than create a whole new page for the PDF displaying and slow the speed of my store down.

By L&S Team
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Hi @LSAccounting,


If you're specifically looking to add your PDF file to your product pages, there's a great app called Free Ease Product Attachments that I recommend checking out. With this app, you can easily upload your PDF files (or other file formats) and assign them to specific products or all products on your storefront.


Once your files are added, your customers will be able to easily see them in a dedicated section on the product page. They can click on the file, view it, and even download it in a new browser tab.


However, if you're wanting to add your files to other pages on your website, I'm sorry to say that the app currently doesn't support that feature. 

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