Is there an app that allows this.

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Hello everyone,


I made a post before but thought I should be more specific on what I am looking for. We're a factory that produces clothing and are creating a site that would allow us to have our customers create a site and create their own merch in their own dashboard similar to the following examples: 


  • Ink Soft (Allows custom websites) 
  • Fourth Wall 
  • spring (Tee Springs version)

Overall we need the following functionality:


  • User are able to create their own account
  • They can create their own merch on a sub domain of our main site or pay to add their own domain
  • Full software that allows the customer to create their own merch and add it directly to their subdomain
  • We would love to show how much profit they will make per item depending on how much they want to sell each item they create.
  • Ability to add a payout feature so we automatically payout customers from their sales 

What would something like this cost?


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