Is there an app that automatically translates to English when you import Japanese products?

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Is there an app that automatically translates to English when you import Japanese products?

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Hello @wealthlly ,

Yes, there are actually several apps in the Shopify App Store that can help you translate Japanese products to English during import, and even offer additional features for a multilingual store:

* **Shopify Translate & Adapt:** This is Shopify's built-in translation tool. It allows you to auto-translate product descriptions and other content into English (and other languages) using Google Translate. While it only offers free auto-translation for two languages, it gives you control over the translation process and lets you edit manually. [
* **Hextom: Translate & Currency:** This app offers a wider range of automatic translation options (over 130 languages) and additional features like multi-currency conversion. It can translate product descriptions, titles, and other content during import. [HEXTOM Translate Shopify App]
* **Transcy: AI Language Translate:** Similar to Hextom, Transcy provides automatic translation for many languages and integrates with Shopify Markets for a more comprehensive international selling experience. It also boasts features like automatic content checking and DeepL integration for potentially more accurate translations. [Transcy Shopify App]
* **ETranslate: Language Translate:** This app offers a user-friendly interface and highlights features like image translation, which can be helpful for products with Japanese packaging or graphics. It also uses Shopify's Translate API for translations. [ETranslate Shopify App]
* **T Lab ‑ AI Language Translate:** This app utilizes AI for translations and offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing a multilingual store. It includes features like bulk translation, automatic updates for new content, and glossary management to ensure translation consistency. [T Lab Shopify App]

Consider factors like the number of languages you need, budget, and desired features like image translation or currency conversion when choosing the best app for your needs.

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