Is there an app to help us with payment option selections at checkout?

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As the title says really. Here is an example:

We like to offer pre-orders and reservations (for which we are yet to find an app that works for us having tried 4 already, so any suggestions there would be great too!).


We want to create a workflow when the customer is ordering that only shows certain payment options depending on cart items. e.g. if the customer has a pre-order item then they can only use Shopify payments or PayPal and not credit options such as Klarna or ClearPay.


Can this be done?


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Hi @linzal ,

If your store is Shopify Plus, custom scripts ( are hopefully an option for you to be able to hide payment gateways based on product tags or SKUs.

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We are just on the Shopify plan, so unlikely this will work for us. Thanks though!

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You can have it in any Shopify plan now. For showing specific payment options based on cart items, the KlinKode PayRules app lets you set up rules that manage payment method visibility accordingly.


Check it out here:


- Control payment methods visibility at checkout by KlinKode PayRules app.
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