Is there an app to link Shopify products to Facebook Marketplace?

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I am looking for an app that will link my products not just to my online shop on facebook but to also facebook marketplace?  Is there such an app or what is the best way to post your items on facebook marketplace directly from shopify?

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Yes, sure when you conect your Facebook page you have to create a catalogue, after that you will have your products in your Facebook store (through the pixel conected to you Shopify store) and in Facebook market as well.

You can read read more in vender en marketplaces

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I have connected my store to Facebook and successfully had my products uploaded to Facebook Shop an Marketplace. The one issue I am having is that my products went nationwide on marketplace, and we only deliver locally. How do I make my Marketplace listings local only?

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Were you able to actually see them in a Marketplace search?  I have an app installed that supposedly sends my listings to Marketplace, but I cannot find them - locally, or nationwide.  Who sees them?  How do they find them?  What app did you use to get them to go to Marketplace?