is there an app what can auto update my stock qtys from my suppliers using excel

is there an app what can auto update my stock qtys from my suppliers using excel

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Hope you guys can help and point me n the right direction


i currently have products listed on my website but have trouble keeping up with the stock qty's , is there a way where i can put my suppliers stock list which is in excel format (which has a running update) to update my qtys?

thank you 

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Hi @fuzzy81 😁


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Here are some apps I recommend you to use:

  • syncX: Stock Sync: Import/export data through compatibility with formats like CSV, XML, Google Sheets, and APIs. Automate syncing inventory and product updates with suppliers
  • Hextom: Bulk Product Edit: Schedule bulk edit, CSV import export for sales, inventory sync, product launch


Please try them on your end, and let me know if they are what you need! 💖


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Hi @fuzzy81,


You can update the stock quantity directly from the Shopify admin. To do this, go to 'Products', then open 'Inventory'. There, you will find an option for 'Import and Export' at the top right, where you can manage it. Thank you.

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Hey @fuzzy81 ,


If you're open to using an app, our EZ Inventory app can update the available quantity in Shopify by uploading an Excel file.


The Excel file just needs a column for the product/variant identifier (such as the Barcode or SKU) and a quantity column which you would then map in the app (it can have other columns, but those are the only 2 required).


You can manually upload the Excel file in the app to do a bulk update.  If your supplier provides a way to pull the stock list in an automated way (such as from an FTP/SFTP server or if it can be downloaded from a website), then you could potentially automate this process as well.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Hi @fuzzy81 ,


You can use the Import function on the Product page. However, you will need to convert the Excel file to CSV. 


If you are interested, you can use syncX: Stock Sync to directly sync the products from your supplier to the stock list of your Shopify store by mapping the fields. You must map the identifier SKU field and the quantity field from the stock list. And Stock Sync will update the stock. You can do this manually by uploading the file or automate process if the file is downloadable from their website or server. 


Do contact us if you need further assistance.

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