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Is there an App where I tick boxes and it emails the customer automatically with updates?

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I have a shopify website to sell my custom jewellery. I want to find an app that I can add to the site that'll allow me to essentially tick a box on my dashboard and it'll automatically email the customer with an update. Does such a thing exist?

For example:
Kit sent to customer - tick box and email goes out to say it's dispatched.
Kit received back at my studio - tick box and customer notified.
Silver/gold jewellery completed - tick box and customer is updated.
Resin stone created - tick box and customer is updated
etc etc etc

At the moment A LOT of time is being wasted by answering messages from people wanting an update. My lead times can be up to 20 weeks ( I create DNA jewellery, so I use cremation ashes etc) and so people just like to stay in the loop, the problem is how much time this takes up!! I want to automate it so that people receive email updates at the tick of a box rather than me having to spend ages having conversations via email.

Can anyone suggest anything?

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Hi @RJ2012 Our app the Arigato Automation, can assist with the tasks you described. To add to the setup, I would recommend using an order note or tag in place of the checkbox as the checkbox approach would require setting up metafields for tasks.  Using the tag or notes approach with an order workflow, you can set up conditions that will determine when to notify the customer by mail or by SMS.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions. Happy to help.