Is there an inventory management app that works with custom bundles?

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I use an app (Connected Inventory) to manage bundles. In other words, I might sell Item A individually, but I also sell it with Item B as part of bundle X. So, the app that I use automatically removes one piece from Items A inventory when a bundle is sold.


Works great.


BUT, I have a lot of products, and I need to use an inventory management app that will look at the past sales of each product, predicts what will be sold in the next couple of months and tells me what to order.


The problem is that I cannot find an inventory app that either works with the bundle app, or that lets me customize product bundles.


For example, I don't need to know that I sold Bundle X, I need to know that I sold one of Item A and Items B so I can manage inventory of those products.


Is there an app that will do this correctly or that has enough customization to get it to analyze the products IN the bundles instead of the bundles?  


How do you all handle this?

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Hello @mactac,


It is not possible to cover your need with a ready app, so either you need a customization to integrate two different apps or develop a fully custom extension from scratch to handle exclusive needs of your custom bundles.

Please, get in touch if you need any assistance.


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