Is there any concern for new apps to use Script Tag

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I'm new in Shopify development and have started developing the app for Shopify.
As I understand, supporting theme app extension is mandatory for new apps but is there any depreciation timeline for script tag?
I want to implement the widget injection with a script tag. I will also put the script tag inside the theme blocks and fill it with the script tag.
So, I need to understand the concerns of the script tags.
1- Will it be deprecated?
2- Does it have any limitations in new themes (2.0 themes)?
3- Any performance issues?

Thank you 

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I use scriptTag in multiple apps and store . It wont be deprecated . See their documentation !

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I 've got an email today saying 


In tandem, we will announce the deprecation of checkout.liquid, script tags, and additional scripts on the thank you and order status pages. These features will sunset on August 28, 2025. We’re also extending the Shopify Scripts sunset date to August 28, 2025. Until then, Shopify Scripts will continue to work alongside Checkout UI Extensions and Functions.


So, as I understand script tags will be depreciated on August 28, 2025 and the promote the use of Checkout UI Extensions and Functions.

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