Re: Is there any way to add app-block or app-embed-blocks to Thank You Page?

Is there any way to add app-block or app-embed-blocks to Thank You Page?

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We are trying to build one solution in which we need to display a few details on Order's Thank You Page.


[Before Theme App Extensions]
We can do it with ScriptTag to load in order status page.
We can use display_scope as the order_status page.


[Using Theme App Extensions]
How we can add our app block or app embed blocks to display on Thank you page only?
I am unable to find any documents related to that.

Thank you 🙂 

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We had same problem and Shopify confirmed that app embedded blocks can not be added to checkout pages (I suppose Thank You page is considered a checkout page), so just use script tags exclusively for checkout pages and app embedded blocks for everything else. Script tags example:

/* globals Shopify */
(() => {
docReady(() => {
if (Shopify && Shopify.checkout && Shopify.Checkout.step === 'thank_you') {

function docReady(fn) {
// see if DOM is already available
if (document.readyState === 'complete' || document.readyState === 'interactive') {
// call on next available tick
setTimeout(fn, 1);
} else {
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', fn);
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@axess It seems your suggestion is to use an app embed block for all storefront pages except the Thank You page, and then rely on a ScriptTag for the Thank You page.


Shopify is telling me with my app that I have to use an app embed block and not use ScriptTag. Will Shopify even allow use of a ScriptTag?

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@Chad_Johnson what was your final approach? using app embed block for other pages and scripttag for thank you page? did your app get accepted with this approach? 

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Hi @randomdude1 ,

Were you able to make it work?

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@randomdude1 @3Adigit Sorry for the delayed response. It seems Shopify's forum software failed to email me about your question.


I ended up using a script tag specifically for the Thank You page. When creating a script tag via API, you can set `display_scope` to `order_status`, and, if my memory serves my right, I believe it will execute on the Order Status and Thank You pages.


I never submitted my app for review. Based on my vague recollection of my research notes, I think this won't be a problem when submitting your app. If it is, then I would fight back and tell Shopify they need to provide a way to implement app block functionality on the Thank You page.