Is there any way to display NFT traits on a product page, similar to Opensea?

Is there any way to display NFT traits on a product page, similar to Opensea?

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We are publishing an NFT collection through our Shopify store, but Shopify seems to be missing the ability to show traits and rarity ratings, similar to what is seen on Opensea. I won't go in to the reasons why we don't want to use Opensea (apart from the rampant piracy and copyright infringements). I just want to figure out how to expose the traits on the product page. I presume tags would get close, but then they don't allow trait type to trait descriptions. It would just be a list of the descriptions themselves. Having a plugin to do this (using JSON trait metadata) would be very popular for those looking to move away from the big marketplaces for better copyright protections. 

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Hi, DocSatori


Look or ask questions in these topics, as there are guys here who also sell NFTs and there are also developers there. Maybe they will help you find the right solution for displaying the description.


Check out these threads with guys discussing NFT sales using Shopify:

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Also, for other beginners interested in this topic of creating and selling NFTs, you can read educational content here:


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