Is there app to run Rewards and Loyalty Program on 3 Stores in a Unified manner

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Hi, I have 3 Shopify stores and I am keen on setting up a Unified Loyalty Program across all three stores.

I am looking for solutions which can:

1- Have a unified points management system for the Loyalty and Reward Program of all three of my stores

2- Cross-Store Redemption (Enable customers to earn and redeem points seamlessly across any of the 3 of my Stores)

3- Work seamlessly with Shopify (Launch the Loyalty and Rewards Program with a promotional campaign across all stores simultaneously)

4- Maintain consistent points for purchases and referrals

5- Allow customization to match each store's look (Customize the loyalty program to reflect the branding and ethos of each store to design brand-specific visuals and pages for each store to enhance recognition

6- Provide analytics for tracking across all stores

Looking forward to your quick insights.

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I don't believe there is an app available that can do these things simultaneously across multiple stores.

Your best bet would be to have someone develop a private app. Otherwise you will probably have to use the same app 3 different times with no crossover effect on the other stores.

I hope that helps!

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