Is this process possible in Shopify?

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I'd like to get on board but still have some questions regarding my concept. Hoping you could answer my questions below.


My process:
I sell a new printer with 4 ink cartridges. The first time the client buys they get the printer and a set of cartridges.

The purchase comes with a subscription to choose other colours down the road. These "to purchase at a future date" credits can have different colours from the first set. There is a choice of 24 colours to choose from.

How would that work in Shopify?


To reiterate:
1. Customer buys printer + 4 ink cartridges
2. Customer has the right to buy 4 more cartridges with different(!) colours in the future within the year. So there needs to be a credit of some sort in the 'history portal' of the customer.
3. A new credit will be put in the customer portal for next year based on the subscription when the year passes.

Is there any way to make this possible, especially point 2?


Thanks in advance.

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