ISO of app that can sync inventory with shared SKU while also updating inventory through Transfers

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We are currently looking for a solution for a client and I'm hoping one of you out there has the answer to this stumping issue.

Our client has an online store that sells shirts, both in men's and women's sizes. The men's shirts come in the typical sizing system of xs-xxxl. The women's shirts come in 2 fits. Athletic, which is the typical women's size of xs-xxxl, and Unisex which is actually using the men's shirts (for the customers who prefer the looser fit). Our client wants to be able to update the inventory for product SKUs shared between multiple items in one area. We are currently using Connected Inventory, which is amazing and does exactly what we are looking for, as far as managing inventory for shared SKUs. The difficult part of this is they use transfers to receive new stocks. They want to be able to have the inventory numbers automatically update, including the shared SKUs when they receive their new stocks. I have contacted Connected Inventory and unfortunately, the app doesn't work with transfers.

Any insight would be awesome. Thank you guys for taking the time to read!


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Hey Abby, 

Have you had a chance to look at the Shopify App Store for any alternative apps yet? There are plenty of apps that support stock transfers and inventory tracking.

However, I'm not sure if any of them support bundles though. Might have to check with their support to find out. 



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Hi Courtney!

I have tried out 2 apps and while both were able to sync the apps, I couldn't get them to work with the incoming products through transfers. Unfortunately I need both features to provide what out client is looking for.