Issue with Bulk Operation Results in Missing Products/Variants

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We are a team of Devs working on several shopify apps. We have encountered wan issue with bulk operations on the Shopify platform. Specifically, when performing bulk operations to connect products and variants from a merchant to a user's store via our Shopify app, we are experiencing inconsistencies in the results returned by Shopify.

Here are the details of the issue:

Description: After initiating a bulk operation to connect products and variants, the resulting JSONL file provided by Shopify does not contain all the products and variants that were successfully connected.

Observation Period: This issue has been consistently observed for about a week now.

Expected Outcome: We expect the JSONL file returned by Shopify to contain all products and variants that were successfully connected, as well as any errors encountered during the operation.

Current Outcome: While the bulk operation response does not indicate any errors, the JSONL file provided by Shopify does not include all the connected products and variants.

Impact: This issue is affecting the functionality of our Shopify app, as our users rely on accurate and complete data to manage their inventory and sales effectively.

Steps Taken: We have thoroughly reviewed our implementation and ensured that all necessary data is being sent to Shopify correctly. We have also verified that all connected products and variants are visible and accessible within the Shopify admin interface.

Request: We kindly request your assistance in investigating and resolving this issue as soon as possible. If there are any known issues or updates related to bulk operations that could explain this behavior, please provide us with that information.

Any help would be appreciated.

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