Issue with Options/Variants with individual SKUs

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Hi, I have a specific need with Shopify which is two-fold.

Part One - some products have more than 3 options sometimes up to 5 so already over the Shopify limit, for example:

Product Title
Madeup Steel Horseshoe

Shape: Heart Bar, Straight Bar
Size: 7, 8
Section: 4x8, 8x8
Colour: Grey, Black
Packaging: Single, Pair (2), Box (10)

Each combination is a different SKU and stock is tracked that way but I want one Product Listing and Detail Page for the Madeup Steel Horseshoe. 

1. Do any of the Apps track inventory based on the combination chosen?

2. Could I cover Packaging with an App which works on quantities and prompts users to buy in set blocks, i.e. one of = price a, two off = price b, 10 of = price c, but then only in additional blocks of 10 do the prices change, they are happy to have individual SKUs for Single, Pair, Box though if that's easier.

Part Two:

We need to have 2 Shopify stores one for Consumer and one for Trade. The stock can be managed on one store, and some of that stock also needs to be available on the other store, there needs to be a two-way feed between them updating stock. Orders can come in separately, but stock needs to be managed. Only certain 'collections' or rules-based stock will show on the second store. Also, the second store will have pricing Excluding VAT (value added tax).

I have a huge list of products to import which have individual rows as SKUs with the variations as columns and a common 'handle' so it can work but obviously the issues above mean it won't allow for so many combinations.

Thanks in advance you geniuses.

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