Issues with migrating to newest version of app-bridge-react when using Shopify's Node Template

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I am currently building an app with Shopify's default Node and React template (Link:

This template uses Version 3.7.7 of app-bridge-react and I am trying to migrate to 4.1.3 and am currently following the docs as listed here (Link:


I can see that app-bridge-react in my node modules is already 4.1.3 and I have already included the below script in the head within my index.html file:

<meta name="shopify-api-key" content="MY_API_KEY" />
<script src=""></script>

However, when I remove Shopify's default AppBridgeProvider from my App.jsx I get the below error:

Uncaught Error: No AppBridge context provided. Your component must be wrapped in the <Provider> component from App Bridge React.

Just wondering if anyone has ever encountered this issue before?
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