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@Julie Is there any reason why Kit cannot be held in place for the time being until Shopify is able to offer a full alternative? As you can see by the following on this subject a lot of your customers use and value the "Kit" app and removing it without anything anywhere close as useful is going to effect my business and I am sure others on here as well?.. Surely a stay in execution could be placed on removing the app' for say until Jan' 2022, give both Shopify or another App' developer time to offer something?




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Hi, @Seal-Extrusions

Thanks for your feedback.

Kit won't be sunset until September 1st, 2021, at which point the app will no longer be accessible. Our developers have decided to sunset Kit in September as most of Kit's marketing capabilities are already available directly through your Shopify admin.

If you’d like to keep using Kit until September 1st, you'll need to switch from Ping to SMS as your preferred method of communication. We have a video that walks you through the process here.

Merchants should have ample time to implement alternative solutions before September 1st. There are some workarounds for the "Thank you" emails previously mentioned in this thread, so I recommend taking advantage of some of the options outlined there. 

Although there is no specific timeline, our developers are working on implementing "Thank you" emails with Shopify Email, so hopefully this feature can be introduced shortly after Kit is sunset. You can keep an eye on the latest updates over in our changelog in the meantime.

Thanks again for your feedback, Stu. 

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Why didn't you just choose to charge a small monthly fee for it.  You could've made a killing AND kept everyone happy...seems like a silly decision to me.

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Hi Brie, 

Thanks for the extensive list of articles to review in replacing 1 user friendly, effortless app. I fail to see how this has made my life any easier. As artist, business owner, administrator, bookkeeper, I now have lost a very valuable time saving tool. This is counter productive. 

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Also agree with everyone here, why is the kit app retiring? I loved it a lot, all the functions that it posted on FB sent out emails and did all these different things we did not even have to think about it because kit would send the message and do it all. so easy and so sad it is going away.


But Why is it going away? can we get another app like kit? I want it back.....

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Just here again to express my agreement with Joan and Irene and literally every single other person who has commented their massive disappointment in Kit being eliminated. 

The extensive list of a dozen manual replacements for an app that did everything automatically for us at the touch of a text is frustrating that it's even being presented as suitable. 

Not that anyone at Shopify actually cares! I don't even know why I'm commenting, the replies are just placating everyone's frustrations. 

Don't bother responding, Shopify. Giving me or anyone else a huge list of things that could maybe replace Kit's functionality in a dozen different methods is just reaffirming why everyone here is upset. How is that helpful? It's not. 

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Same here. I get daily emails back from customers who love the fact I'd thanked them (Using Kit thank you emails) and this feature is the reason I get so many repeat customers, the fact KIT has helped me with thank you emails (the day after their order)

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Just wanted to share a prime example of a reply to my kit email that I have received today, just maybe you can understand from this why it is such an important tool to us sellers.. and maybe you could give us some hope that a replacement tool will be available before or shortly after that will do "Exactly" the same job with out having to download another new app' and pay some stupid amount of money each month...

Good morning

Stuart I would not usually bother answering emails For a purchase But yours I feel I have to do If you treat all your customers with such respect I can only hope that you carry on the way you are And your business goes from strength to strength How nice to be sent a message like yours And I have only ordered a small quantity from you Yes I will put you as a contact at the top of my list And when it arrives and I have the feedback To answer , trust me , I will give you as many first class credits as is possible Thank you for your reply And hope your weekend goes well Take care First class operation keep up the way you are


This is one of many replies I receive each day from customers, but this one I felt captured exactly how good the kit email system is...

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I use this app all the time especially for Facebook Advertising. Its so handy, sends you a test message with different options and does the work for you. It saves so much time. Pity its going away and even though Shopify say all its features are available through the E Commerce website, I dont think its near as good