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Lack of Video Calling Apps on App Store

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I was looking for video calling apps on the app store and to my surprise I found almost none. 

It's very strange as SMB stores selling niche products would definitely benefit from such a solution. Even more given the covid-19 situation. Can the store owners, partners or developers help me understand.  

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Hi Tarun,

I couldn't agree more that live video calls help connect with customers and close sales.  Curious to hear more about the specific problems you are looking to solve for?

We created the Instaconnect Shopify app to add live video chat and guided webinars to product pages. You can try it for free here:

Hope it helps - let me know if you have any questions and if it works out for you?


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Hey! Check out mixily -- you can create a custom video chat and embed it in your shop. 

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You should check out Plaza -

They integrate with your store and pull all products easily, so you can live stream on your phone and have your store. Really changed me

Thank me later!