Lightspeed POS with Shopify Loyalty

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I currently use Lightspeed for our multiple Brick and Mortar POS setup and I use Shopify for our ecom.  We have Lightspeed connected to Shopify using Accumula, and everything works pretty seamlessly.   We are looking to add on a loyalty program that will work with both systems as well as our email marketing solution Klaviyo.   Does anybody have some suggestions what will work best for my current setup?


I know some will say just to move everything to Shopify and ditch Lightspeed. I have been toying with the idea of fully leaving Lightspeed and moving everything to Shopify POS, but I have a ton of SKUs and multiple locations so every time I am faced with this, I decide to do it another year. Maybe next year when my contract is finally up, if the costs make sense and there are no solves to my current issues.  On that note, if anybody has made the move from LS to Shopify with my type of situation, I would love to hear the pros, cons and if the move was a headache or worked out pretty seamlessly.



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Hi @unplugged,


Seems pretty expensive to migrate POS for the sake of loyalty program. LightSpeed, Klaviyo, Shopify all have APIs that can talk to each other through some middleware. 

May I ask you what sort of Loyalty programs are you considering? Also how do you see Klaviyo fitting into your loyalty program? 

As far as pros and cons, that boils down to how well a system is working and the current cost. As the old saying goes if it’s not broken don’t fix it. 

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I have the same setup (Lightspeed Retail R for POS and Shopify Advanced for eComm).  Are there any Loyalty programs that will integrate between the two?

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I also am interested whether there is a way to integrate Lightspeed POS loyalty with our online customers via Shopify. I use Klayvio for EDM marketing.