Limit number of products each month - Subscription / Membership - can choose from the whole store

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Looking for the an app that will allow me to control the number of DIGITAL products a customer can download (instantly) each month based on the level of their membership. The customer should be able to view the whole store and select on their own, which products they want for that month.

For example, My store has 100 digital products, a member pays $15/month and is allowed 5 digital products each month. They should be able to pick any 5 products out of those 100. Once they reach their limit of 5, the can still see all products in the store but they just will not have access to download anymore until the following month.

It is very similar to "Adobe Stock" subscription or other stock photo / stock video subscriptions.
Pay $20/month, download any 10 images you choose per month.

Is this available in any apps for Shopify? How can I set this up?

I appreciate any help! Thank you.

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Hi @presetsbywoosh 


I think this short guide may help you:

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Hi @rsdimitrov 

I really appreciate your response. After reading through that guide and checking into those apps I don't see the limiting of products per month. Those apps would allow a member to download all products available at once. 

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@StephensWorld   Any suggestions on this topic?

Any help is so much appreciated! Thank you

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Hey Woosh,


I've done a bit of research into this and I don't think this is a built-in feature with any of the major digital downloads apps. 


Honestly, I'd recommend keeping things simpler, and just selling each of your products for $3 each ($15 / 5 products) and skipping the whole membership situation.


From here, you could add a "Product Bundles" app ( and create discounted groupings of products. For example, you could bundle 10 products together, and charge only $25 ($5 less than if all were bought individually).


I reckon it'll be a lot less of a headache on your end, doing it this way. 


Sorry I couldn't be of more help on this one! 


Best of luck with your business,


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Hello @StephensWorld ,

I really appreciate you taking the time to reply, thank you.

I hear what you mean about just creating bundles and the maths as you are saying make sense in that example. But, the model we want is a membership model.

The model we are looking for seems quite simple and also fairly common. I'm just not certain I am explaining myself correctly, so below are 4 different websites which give the exact type of membership set up we want.

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Hello @StephensWorld ,

I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. Thank you.


I hear what you are saying about the bundles and the maths makes sense with that example. But the model we want is a membership model.

The model we are looking for seem quite simple and also fairly common. I just think maybe I am not explaining it correctly. So, below are websites offering pretty much exactly the style of membership system we are looking for.

Thanks again for your help

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Hey did you ever figure this out? I am trying to figure out a solution, even if it isn't in my Shopify store or if I have to start an entire new one, but I need to do the same thing.