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Limit Order Quantity By Collections

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Hi everyone,

I own a store where everything is made to order and each person making our items is one individual person. We sell a lot of knitted baby items.

In the store, a knitter has a collection and might have 8 items in that collection. I would like to be able to make it so that knitter could receive 4 orders of any varient weekly. These four items could be any size, colour or any item (out of the 😎 within her/his collection - even thought there are 8 in the collection with different sizes colours available.

I haven't been able to find anything that will allow me to limit the quantity purchased by collection. Would anybody know of an app or workaround that would allow me to do this?

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Hi @JessicaNoble 

Easiest is if the products/variants don't have individual descriptions or images ,etc is to have 1 product that customers can customize using line item properties. 

That way your selling just 1 variant whose inventory you set to the maximum allowed.


Another method you more likely need is to just sync the inventory of the items(variants) , in your example to be 4, either within the product or with the collection.

So when any 1 item is purchased all variants inventory then equal 3 either within a product or all product within a collection.

Usemechanic can be scripted for this specific use case,

they have existing ones for other situations , like sync by SKU so if that vendors products all have the same sku your all set


To get either of these solutions solved for you or more automations contact me at with this topic url, store url, theme and any other usecase details 




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Hey @JessicaNoble 


I understand your query. I can suggest you one extension called Limit Quantity Purchase


The features of this app are as below: 

1. Specific Product purchase limits Minimum and Maximum.

2. Flexible Purchase Limit of items within a group of products.

3. Apply Limit For individual products or collection


It has all the features that you have mentioned in your query. Please, check it out here for more details: Shopify Limit Qty Purchase


Hope this helps you. 


Thank you.