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Limit Quantity with a Buy Button

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We are using a buy button in our webapp to allow users to redeem points in our community for a $0 tshirt that is only available through a buy button which we display if they have enough points. 

Fix I am trying to make is making sure that users only order one tshirt. I found apps that limit order quantities for a product, but I read that those plugins don't work for buy buttons. 

Anyone have a fix for my problem here?

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Hi @heavysoundlabs ,

I had a think about this and nothing obvious came to mind, but I do have one idea...

The issue as I see it is that you could hide the quantity button, but the customer would always be able to increase the quantity at the cart level.

Have you considered hiding the product from all collections and then using a constructed payment URL instead? There's a type of payment URL that locks in the order quantity and only displays the checkout page. This is how it's constructed:

'' + variant id + ':' + quantity

So, an example could be:

You could then include this in an email or even create a 'fake' buy button linking to it, just for the product in question.






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Hey @heavysoundlabs,


I have seen your query, we have also created a Limit Quantity Purchase extension and that also works for Buy Button. 


Check out Our App Over here:


Also, here are the features of that app:

Simple and Smooth interface.
Specific Product purchase limits are Minimum and Maximum.
Flexible Purchase Limit of items within a group of products.
Apply Limit For individual products or collections.


Hope you get the solution. 


Thank you.