Limiting discount codes to certain payment methods? is there an app?

Limiting discount codes to certain payment methods? is there an app?

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Is there a discount code app (third party) that only applies a discount code to certain payment methods?  We try to remain flexible and offer Credit card, apple, meta, google, paypal affirm, klarna, snap and shoppay installments but some of these take such a large cut of the transaction that if paired with a health discount code we lose money on the sale.


For example, for some items, we only have a 12% margin after shipping so if we do a 7% off code and Klarna Takes another 5% or Affirm takes 7% were negative.

We have many limitations on collections groups and use that feature well, but we would like to offer the high discount but only to credit card, PayPal, apple, google ETC, and not have it be eligible with Klarna, Shoppay installments, or Affirm if there is a way.  If not we need to disable the heavy hitters during large sale periods like black Friday which is a burden to some other customers.

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Now in 2023, it is possible to implement this using our free app Payment Customizations: PayMix.

You can setup a rule in PayMix to "Show specific payment methods and hide others" when the cart contains discount.


Here is a small video to see how the end effect would look like:

We also have in-app live chat support available inside the app to help you with any queries that you might have.

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