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Limiting items based on size for Bundle apps

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Hi there,

I've been working on creating a "Build you own Gift" bundle program. Essentially, a customer would pick what color box they want, select what items they would like in their gift box (as of now we have over 300 items to choose from), and then they can add a card and greeting. The problem that I'm running into is that I can't stop a customer form overfilling their box. I can set a top number of items that they can select, right now it's 8. But if a customer chooses 8 wine glasses, they obviously won't fit in one box, but if they choose 8 felt pens, it would. I need a way for the program to know the item dimensions and adjust the box size accordingly while also alerting the customer that their box is full.

I'm currently using Box Builder and Boxify. Box Builder doesn't allow in-time configuration with Boxify, and it also doesn't allow for custom coding in app. I'm not sure if anyone else has tried integrating these two or a different app that I don't know about.


I have also looked into using the Bundle Builder app, but I don't like it's look nearly as much.


Any ideas with what I can do?

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i think the requirement is too specific for your business. So the app developer can hardly tailor made for you. You should consider finding a developer to create a custom solution

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