Linking products together to show other styles or colours within one listing

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I am looking for either an app or some sort of work around to link different product listings together. We sell handbags and they have different strap combinations but the bags are the same. I want the products listed as individual (simple) products so customers can browse the full collection however if they click into one product, is there a way to link other simple products so they can select from a drop down box and then be taken to the other options? 

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Hello @betsy-floss, As you want your customer to select straps from different combinations for a single bag then it can be done with the Inkybay app.


The Inkybay app offers the “Product Options” feature. With this feature, you can add as many options as you want. You can display those options in drop-down, radio, swatch, and check box. For the swatch images, it’ll also preview on the product page. It’s possible to assign the price to each option and the price will be added to the base price when any option is selected by the customer. The information of all options will be available on the order files also. You can get the order files through the app in four different formats PNG, JPG, PDF, and SVG.


This app provides great customer support and they provide services in many ways like live chat, email, ticket, and live meetings also.

You’ll get 21 days of free trial for going through all the customization features. Here is the Demo Product.Custom Mug-Inkybay.png


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Hi @betsy-floss,

You can consider using the Easify Product Options app to seamlessly incorporate Straps as custom options of Handbag products. With this setup, you can offer Straps both as part of your Handbag products and as standalone items 😊.



Here's a brief demonstration to guide you through the process:

  • Install the app and set up an option set.
  • Add an option tailored for selecting Straps, opting for a suitable display type such as Image Swatches. Establish links between each option value and your existing Strap products.





  • Add the option set into your Handbag product(s), and your setting is complete.



This streamlined approach empowers you to showcase Straps as integral components of your Handbag products while still providing the flexibility to sell them independently.

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