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Liquid tags with external data

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Is there a way to use external data in liquid tags? For instance, if I wanted to do something like this

{% if product.type == MY_VARIABLE_HERE %}
  You are buying some awesome shoes!
{% endif %}

where MY_VIARIABLE_HERE would be data that I fetched from an external database?

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XYproblem WHAT are you trying to accomplish? 


There is no support feature like that in liquid ; shopify liquid does not fetch remote data.

If you need that data it either needs to exist in the backend already or you need an app/proxy-app, or need to just move the logic to the frontend. 


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Hi @PaulNewton , thanks for your response. Let me clarify the X, i.e. what I want to achieve in the first place. I want to show (or not show) my app widget on a product page depending on a condition, but in order to evaluate the condition for each product, I need to check the value against values that are unique to each merchant and are stored in an external DB. This is why I need the condition validation to be able to handle dynamic content.

What are the ways to achieve that?