List of individual items to create when fulfilling order (each product has multiple items in it)

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I sell cookies. For certain holidays, I create “cookie packs.” For example, I have an XOXO cookie pack for Valentine’s Day. It contains:

- 2 X cookies

- 2 O cookies

- 2 swirl heart cookies


I have multiple pre-set packs and I’d love to be able to track how many of each item I need to make. For example, if I sell 5 XOXO packs and 3 LOVE packs:

- 10 X cookies

- 10 O (XOXO variation) cookies

- 3 L

- 3 O (LOVE variation)

- 3 V

- 3 E

- 16 swirl heart


this will help me when baking instead of manually adding up how many of iieach shape/design is needed.


is there an app where I can add all the “materials” in each pack and when it comes time to fulfill a bunch of orders see the total of each material?

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