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Looking for some ideas and inspiration regarding which apps you guys use. I find that a few of my favourite apps I have found by chance so just wanted see if there are any other hidden gems out there.


I use


Loox - photo reviews

Easycsv - amazing for managing inventory

cancelable - let customers cancel their own orders

Trackingmore - the best tracking app I could find - that auto emails customers notification updates. tried a few that did not do this.

Globo pre-order now - best pre-order app, supports pre-order partial pay and back-in-stock notification. tried them all, this was the best.

Magic zoom plus - best photo zoom in my opinion

postcode shipping - manage shipping rate automatically at checkout

Doofinder - easily the best search engine, enterprise level.

re-amaze - for professional help centre and chat widget.

simple affiliate - tried a few that seem a bit complicated - this just does the job and integrates into your theme not external site.

clicksit return centre - even without using the label option - the free version is amazing just for managing the return process, auto emailing customers.

pickystory - best bundle app I have tried

growave - great value marketing app. 

meteor mega menu - found this one the easiest to use.

product descriptions that sell - great for product page icons



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Thanks for sharing your favourite app list.

Did you ever try the MultiVariants - Bulk Order app?

Jahangir | EFOLI
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We're owning multiple stores and here are what've been using:

- Dsers 

- Ali Reviews

- Loox

- TrueProfit. (We made this app, we look at it from the entrepreneur point of view).



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Hey @RugLove,

I hope you are doing well! Here is a list of top useful apps:

Oberlo- Help to source a supplier.

AiTrillion - All in one Shopify app with all essential marketing features to scale your business and replaces multiple apps. (For Email marketing automation, loyalty reward program, reviews, referral program, affiliate marketing, web push notifications, LiveChat, Announcement Bar, Shopify POS & many more)

Form Builder- Create a form on your site.

Instagram Feed- To enhance social media presence and social media conversions

Bulk Image Edit- Image SEO- For Image optimization.

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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Hi @RugLove!

May I offer you KAD Pre-order to try? Our App will allow you not only use usualy features for managing pre-orders, but also will offer you a partial payment feature, email notification and mixed cart notification, badges for collection pages and more.

Here is the link for you to fins out more: KAD PREORDER 

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can also contact me via Email

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We recently just conducted a study on the most popular Shopify apps used in different categories. Read the article from here and hopefully it will give you some inspiration what to implement on your store as well.

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Hi @RugLove 

You have got an inspiring list of apps that you're currently using. Talking about Search engines and Filtering apps, the Collection filter and Search bar app by Sobooster is also amazing. 



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Hi everyone,

I own multiple stores on Shopify and below is the list of apps I commonly use on my Shopify stores.


Basic security for a Shopify store is a must, I am using the below-mentioned apps for increasing my store’s security:

1. Single Sign On ‑ SSO Login: It enables secure access for users needing only one set of login credentials, it will enable easy one-click access to all connected applications and websites. Multiple Identity providers and multi-site environments are supported for the authentication process.

2. TrustedSite ‑ Trust Badges: Earn secure site certificates and display them on your Shopify site. This ensures trust among users accessing your site.

3. Rewind Backups: Easily backup your Shopify store. This app will help you undo, restore and backup your Shopify store. You can make any changes to the store and revert back to the previous backup using this app. It will take daily backups automatically.


Some apps you will need for better productivity for your Shopify store:

1. scim‑provisioning‑deprovision: We are using this app to synchronise our customer’s data over our multiple stores, it helps to automatically synchronise data between all our stores and applications, it has reduced a lot of manual work.

2. Bulk Image Edit: This app will help to optimize images uploaded on the Shopify store with SEO and alt text details. Also, it will help to convert images concerning social media platform guidelines. 

3. 2FA ‑ OTP login: Two-factor Authentication increases the level of your store’s security by adding an additional layer above basic authentication and keeps your store away from spammers and non-genuine users. Users don’t need to remember passwords and can log in using OTPs received on their phone/email.

4. Klaviyo: This app will help you grow your business with email & SMS marketing automation. They have built-in templates, sign-up forms which will save a lot of time. 

5. Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos: Collect product reviews, photo reviews, site reviews & ratings. It will help you to capture customer’s feedback which will help to build a better product for your customers.

6. Smart Search & Filter: Instant Search Bar, Collection Filter, Cross & Upsell. It supports auto-completion of search text and auto-correction as well for search texts. 

7. Mailchimp Forms: Grow your Mailchimp list with exit-intent popups and coupons. Decreases your bounce rate by providing exit pop-ups and make your site more engageable for your customers. 

8. Recomatic Related Products: Show smart related product recommendations that increase sales. It will recommend products related to customer’s requirements which will increase your product sales.