Local Delivery App and mobile app - requested features

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Really like the local delivery app and mobile app but can't use it 'cause some features aren' t available. 

Here some features I would like to see in a near future. 

Local delivery
- zipcode/Address checker - let the customer know on the first page if they can be delivered before they go to checkout.
- date and slots at checkout
- maximum orders per date or per slot
- maximum time I can order for a next day delivery, time needed for the order to be ready for delivery ex. For a next day delivery I can order till 12am after that I can only order for the following day.

Local delivery phone app
- multiple drivers - add drivers through Local delivery
- vehicle selection for route optimization
- proof of delivery - name and signature or picture selection before completing order
- send ETA by SMS based on Google maps ETA

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All these would be great.


Photo proof of delivery to be added to and sent to customer on delivery confirmation email would be our top need.