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Local Pickup through Admin API

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Recently Shopify added a Local Pickup option, which can be applied to store locations through the Shopify Admin UI. This is fantastic! - Just wondering if there's a way to read this attribute through the API? The "Locations" Admin API does not return a value for Local Pickup and there's nothing documented under Location for the GraphQL endpoint. However, the update occurs on the Shipping Settings page, so maybe Locations was the wrong API to be looking at.


Is it possible to get this data anywhere from any API version or not yet? 

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Any response to this Shopify?  I'm sure there are many devs wondering about this! Thanks!

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Yes! Am looking for this too. Been spending the last few hours searching and testing to see if there are existing fields being used somewhere. A few things I found:

In fulfillmentOrders -> lineItems -> fulfillmentStatus -- It is still 'null' after clicking 'Ready for pickup' in Admin UI.

In fulfillmentOrders -> deliveryMethod -> methodType -- This is "PICK_UP" for Local Pickups and deliveryMethod is "null" for non local pickups.


Everything else seems unaffected by the Ready for pickup button, which leads me to believe it's not built in the API yet. 

Forgive my lame GraphQL representation above lol, been a programmer for a while but new to GraphQL. Hope you got what I meant.