Location Error? Tik Tok Shopify Integration

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I'm trying to sync my store to TikTok, via the Shopify app.


However, I keep getting this error: 



The address associated with my Shopify store is correct.



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Hi, @ebo8302.


Thanks for posting your question to the Shopify Community.


I understand that you're in the process of syncing your TikTok to your Shopify store but are receiving an error message.


I would like to advise that your warehouse information is synced automatically from Shopify. Valid warehouse address and phone information is required for TikTok Shop to successfully sync the product catalog from Shopify. You can find this information outlined in TikTok's Help Center article


To fix this error message, you'll need to ensure your warehouse/fulfillment location information is valid. This can be found in your Shopify Admin under Settings > Locations. If you continue to see this error message after updating your location information, you'll need to contact TikTok Support directly to further review this.


I hope this helps!

Victoria | Shopify 
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I already did that, and TikTok is telling me it's a Shopify issue.

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Were you able to fix the issue?


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Hello, I would like to piggy back on this as I am also having the same issue.  All of my products on my shopify store are through printify. 

When going to admin>locations 

where "Shop Location" is listed it shows default 

and down below it shows a category for "Apps" and printify is listed under this. 


There is a button on the top right with an option to add a location-- but what location am I to add to sync with Tiktok Shop? 😞

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Hey ! I would like to flag this also is giving us massive headaches over here at belfastclothing.co we have tried every format function as your error generates as Location Address Issue -  when you go to update these details the problem is within Shopify -  As for us it is a question of "Region" fields not matching this is a  I can confirm that TikTok have been able to pull and verify our address to setup our "warehouse" instantly and more comprehensively (we are in N,Ireland)  yet shopify firstly deems us as only United Kingdom as the "Region" so when tik-toks API goes looking for the data fields to match its "Region" and address with Shopify it cant because Shopify has United Kingdom and not United Kingdom & Northern Ireland and our address via your lookup is basic and not as comprehensive as Tik-Toks therefore it is never going to match!  HELP!!!!!!

For example their Data Field for region - is listed as The United Kingdom Of Great Britain & Northern Ireland - Belfast 
Yours is "United Kingdom" 

FIX THIS WE THE PEOPLE CANNOT - 😱. Can you imagine the sheer £$ that have been lost and missed  to this not being fixed