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I'm looking for assistance in finding an app that can support our multilingual online store.

We want to offer our Chat app and Return app in multiple languages, depending on the language/region selected by the customer. For instance, a Swedish customer visiting the .se domain should see the chat in Swedish, and the return app should also display in Swedish, despite having its own domain. Similarly, for customers from the EU on the .EU domain, both the chat and return app should be in English. Spanish customers on the .es domain should see everything in Spanish.

I came across the app Outvio but find its $125/month pricing a bit steep for our needs. Is there an alternative app that can provide these functionalities? My primary focus is on the chat app. Ideally, I'd like something like Shopify Inbox but may need a third-party solution.

Thanks for your help!

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Greetings @reyrr 


I'm Garcia, from PageFly Page Builder. We operate as an app on the Shopify platform, and you know we also need an app to communicate with our customers, and have worked with many merchants to get the most objective perspective on Your problems. I'm delighted to assist you in finding a multilingual chat app for your online store. Based on your requirements, I recommend considering Tidio and Crisp:


  • Tidio is a live chat software that enables real-time communication with your website visitors.
  • It offers a multilingual chat widget, which can be translated into over 20 languages, including Swedish and Spanish.
  • You can customize the chat widget to match your website's design and branding.
  • Tidio's pricing starts at $18/month for the Basic plan, which includes unlimited chat history, email integration, and mobile apps. The Pro plan, starting at $50/month, offers additional features such as chatbots and automation.


  • Crisp is a live chat and customer support software.
  • It provides a multilingual chat widget that supports over 50 languages, including Swedish and Spanish.  The chat widget will automatically recognize the customer’s language and adapt itself, making it easy for your customers to communicate with you in their preferred language.
  • Crisp offers a free plan with basic features like chat history and mobile apps. The Pro plan, starting at $25/month, includes advanced features like chatbots and automation.

Hope it helps and Merry Christmas! 

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