Looking for a built in Search App to rectify an image issue I am having.

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Hello! I am hoping someone here can help me out! I have many products with Variants, and when you search for something on my site, it will come up with the products, but they all come up with the same images, even though the main image on the product page, and the collection pages show correctly. 


This issue is happening on my products with variants that I have attached a picture to in the listing. I am aware a "solution" would be to not attach pictures to variants, but that isn't a great option for my products, or my customers, they should be able to see what they are selecting.


Is there a way to have search results show the Main picture to the product, instead of whatever it is selecting.


Or is there a search app that would rectify this issue? If its free that is certainly a bonus!



An Example: in search bar type in "Adaro"

All 5 Adaro products show up but all with the same image.


If you view them in their collection, or their product pages, they have the proper picture. See here: https://plagueminiatures.com/collections/maori-mythos

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