Looking for a bundling/custom product app with inventory control.

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HI! I looking for a bundling/custom product app with inventory control that when a product option for the custom product or bundle is out of stock, it will show out of stock on the product page so that it can't be selected.

For example if a custom product allows you to chose from 6 herbs, and 3 of those choices are out of stock, Id like those 3 choices to be un-selectable, or greyed out, so that those options can't be sold when out of stock.

I can't seem to find a bundle or custom product app that does this. 😞

BONUS POINTS: would be awesome too if it would auto increase the price on the product page as the select addition items to add into the custom bundle/product.


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It depends on how your custom products are structured.

For example if you using an options app that lets you add them then it probably isn't possible as they don't control each SKU but tag the order.

If you are using a theme based bundle app then it should work as the inventory is managed per SKU.

The other option that we support is if you build a virtual bundle made up of a number of components then we calculate if that bundle can be made based on the inventory of all the components. So it goes out of stock if a component is out of stock. You can configure our style of bundles with variations where they become additional options of the core product which also lets you control inventory and mark some variations as out of stock.



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Hey @JulieKimberlin,

That's exactly what PickyStory's Combo Products do.

Combo Products enable you to bundle products as a single product on its own page, add to collections and advertise across your marketing channels. It also supports dynamic pricing if your product variants have different prices. Inventory is synced automatically based on a product/variant basis.

Sell multiple product variants at onceSell multiple product variants at once

Here's a live example - https://try.pickystory.com/products/fashion

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create Combo Products (takes a minute

You can add PickyStory here

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Hi @JulieKimberlin 

My bundle app, BYOB is based on a custom product template. It allows customers to select any x products from a collection. One of the main benefits is it can display all products and customers can select what they like easily. 

Feel free to try the sample bundle page and let me know your thought. 

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