Looking for a font picker app that allows customizing size and color?

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Hi! I am looking for an app that will allow me to upload a variety of fonts > customer sees selection > types out their word to see what it looks like using that font > can then pick variables such as size and colour. Is there an app that can offer this? 


Ie. we offer vinyl labels for our customers, they get to choose the font, size and colour and we create the label for the word they want. It's great for them to be able to see the word in the font to see how it looks.. 


thank you for your help. 

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Hi @kat77 


May this help you https://apps.shopify.com/font-picker


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Hi @kat77,

Easify Product Options app is here to fulfill your needs. It empowers you to create a user-friendly text input box for your customers. Furthermore, you can choose from your curated selection of fonts and preview the entered text with the selected font 🤗. If desired, you can also provide additional options for your customers to customize font size and color.

Here's a quick guide on configuring these features with the app:

  • Create a new option set:



  • Add the Text Box option type:



  • Add the Font Picker type, enable font preview, and link it to the previously added text box to visualize the chosen font.



  • Add an option for customers to specify their preferred font size using the Number Text Box option type.



  • Add another option for selecting font color using the Color Picker option type.



  • Once your options are set up, simply choose the relevant product(s) to apply these options to, and your setup is complete.



There are varied ways to customize your options using the app. Check out the additional demo below for reference 👇:

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