Looking for a Product Filter App with a Specific Function

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Hello! I am currently using the following app in my store for product filtering:


Search and Discovery


Unfortunately, this app is not capable of what I would like it to do. For example, please look at this screenshot of my store:




"Abstract" is selected and currently showing all 8 items in my store that have that tag. However, if I want to refine my filter to show "All the Abstract shirts that are Adult size" the app is unable to do so. 


Instead, clicking Adult + Abstracts will just show all 15 Adult shirts + 8 Abstract shirts which includes the Toddler sizing as well. 

I am hoping someone can recommend an App in the store that is capable of I suppose "smart" filtering?


Please let me know, this would be very helpful - thank you!


- garth



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Hi @garethgarlend,


It’s Stacy from Searchanise Team, the app that provides professional search and filter capabilities for Shopify stores.


If you want to display "All the Abstract shirts that are Adult size", you need to set up AND logic for filters.


With the AND filter logic in place, your customers can refine their search results by combining multiple filter options simultaneously. This ensures that they find products that meet all their specified criteria, narrowing down the search results to the most relevant items. 


You can set up AND logic for filters using our app, here is help article with instructions: https://docs.searchanise.io/set-up-and-logic-for-filter-values/


Check out the Smart Search Bar and Filters listing to learn about other features our app has.


If you have any further questions or need assistance during the installation and setup process, feel free to reach out. 


Best of luck with your Shopify store!

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Thank you so much Stacy! I will check out the app today and let you know if this is the solution!

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The feature you are looking for is called Narrow down filter, which this app should be able to do it

Just simply Create a size filter, and then turn on the option Narrow down filter.


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