Looking for a product viewing/booking appointment app

Looking for a product viewing/booking appointment app

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I'm selling second hand vintage jewelry. A lot of my customers would like to view the product before they are buying. 

I want to make it possible for users to book a viewing of the product.

Extra features ( if possible )

- Not possible to book more viewings ( the item should be reserved for bookings )

I hope you guys have some ideas on what to do 🙂



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Hi Thomas 

If you need to add appointment booking to an existing product, you may want to give BookThatApp a try.

We offer a couple of solutions that may work for your no charge appointment application.

-The app offers a Book Now button that can go anywhere on your Shopify store.  It bypasses the Shopify checkout and creates a booking directly in the app.   You can see an example of it in action at https://bookthatapp-demo.com/products/booking-now-button

- We also offer an Appt form that sits within the product page and allows the customer to choose a date and time for the appointment.  It too bypasses the Shopify checkout.  Here is an example: https://bookthatapp-demo.com/products/no-charge-booking 

Of course, if you need a solution where you charge the customer for the booking,  BookThatApp supports that as well.   

Any of the above options allow you to set a duration for the appointment as well as a lead or lag time if you want to block out a certain time frame around the appt so others cannot book it.

Feel free to reach out to us at support@zetya.com if you want us to set up your store to test it out.  We can easily add it to a back up of your current store so you can test it out at your leisure.






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Hey Thomas,

You can use Sesami for your bookings.

Could you elaborate more on the extra feature you're asking for?


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Hi Thomas,

To facilitate viewings of your vintage jewelry, our app, Schedula, is the perfect solution. Schedula empowers you to create a customized calendar for customers to book appointments to view products. What's more, Schedula automatically reserves items for booked viewings, ensuring exclusivity and preventing multiple bookings.https://apps.shopify.com/schedula-booking-appointment?surface_intra_position=2&surface_type=partners...


Install Schedula from the Shopify App Store, tailor it to your needs, and provide a seamless and reserved viewing experience for your valued customers.


Best regards, Sophia ShopBooster Apps

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