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Looking for a Subscription App with the first payment to include a one off fee.

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Does anyone know of an APP that does an Upfront fee plus a subscription? or Allows the first payment to include the upfront fee with the following payments different?




I have products that have a one-time fee and subscription.


I need to have them setup as follow:


  • Option 1: Upfront fee of $249, plus there is the ongoing charge of a subscription of $15 a month.
  • Option 2: Upfront: $349 (including 12 months subscription) After 12 months - Charged at $15 per month.
    (I need this $15 per month to start charging after 12 months.)


Does this all make sense?

Do you have this OR know of a app that does this?



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Hey @Pandaboomer, I get your requirements for the subscription app. Having flexibility with customizing your subscription models is a relief when it comes to subscription apps. 


Checkout the SAPP Subscriptions App, it offers flexible subscription options based on custom intervals, discounts, and upfront fee. Also, contact their customer support for more info or for customizing the app specially for you.


Hope this helps! 😀