Looking for an app for customers to create their pets records

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I am looking for a solution that would enable my customers (once they have created their customer account on my Shopify website), to create their pet **bleep** in their account. In their account, they could add one or more pets and then for each pet, they could fill a specific form with all the information about their pets:



Microchipping Documentation – Upload

Registration Papers – Upload

Pet Allergies

Pet Medication


and then they could then share this "passport" with people of their choice by sending them a secure access (like a link with a password) so that they can review it.

Does someone know of an app that could be helpful to do that?

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Hi @Clochette 


Check the app in my signature, there's a module, Custom Forms, to build custom registration and profile forms to collect additional information from your customers. Such as pet information, tax IDs, birthdays, etc. The profile forms are accessible on the account page. All information is saved in Shopify customer metafields.

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Can you explain a bit how and why you are willing to create this profile.


Your requirement is too personal that you will not found any public app or if you will try to force it using any public app it could be a mess.


As every APP has its own workflow, therefore you have to go with a custom APP.


If you are willing to create we can help.


Let me know your idea to maintain privacy you can use private msg or WhatsApp.


Details are in BIO.

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Did you find a solution to this? I'm looking to do something similar.