Looking for an app for weekly order reporting to clients?

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We are looking for an app that will allow us to send clients a weekly report of their orders. Actually, its a bit more complicated than that (see below). Nothing we've seen does quite what we want. Does anyone have any recommendations?


More detail:
In the product order form we have customised the "Optional company label" field to ask people for an Order code.

This Order code relates to a School. The idea is that we will pay a commission to the school for each order.  

Let's say the client enters ABC123, and this relates to a school called St Patrick's Primary School.

What we are needing is an app that will allow us to set up weekly reports that will St Patrick's a report of the sales. A copy of the message would also come to us.

There could be quite a few emails (perhaps about 100) so it won't work if the app charges a high rate or has a low ceiling for emailing reports.


Does anybody know of an app that could be used to do this? Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Hi @RukaB 

We are publishers of Sheet Master https://apps.shopify.com/sheet-master

We do not have a solution for this currently, however we are happy to evaluate if a custom solution is possible from our end.

If you are interested, please install the app, authorize a Google user on the app and send us an email at support@comstack.co to take the discussion forward.



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Hi @RukaB ,

This is John, from Report Pundit.

Yes, Your requirement is possible with Report Pundit. Report Pundit has the option to send weekly order reports to the clients.

Report Pundit can fetch the "Optional company label" field if the information is stored in Shopify API.

We have a free trial to see if Report Pundit fits your need. Our prices are merchant-friendly. Our support team can set up any custom report unique to your business. Report setup is always free. 
You can reach me at support@reportpundit.com
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Hi, @RukaB 


It is possible to do with our Advanced Reports app. Please feel free to contact me for details, I will be glad to assist you with our app.



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